When Soft you held aloft a light (December 15 2017)

After Accumulating Over 9 million streams on a Piano Composition for Folk Band The Arcadian Wild and 18k streams in one month on first release, piano duo releases second EP “when soft you held aloft a light” featuring dreamy haunting piano pieces.

Listen to "when soft you held aloft a light" below.

Nashville - The first really deep conversation Ella (McKelvey) and Isaac Horn had was in the key of E-flat. Hardly knowing each other, they found themselves seated at neighboring pianos in a Nashville practice room. When one of them started playing a spontaneous melody, the other hesitated and then, taking a presumptive chance, began to play off of it, expanding the melody and folding it into another of their own making.

Married a few months later in Ireland, the two began composing and recording. Now signed to Vohnic Music LLC and produced by Vian Izak, the duo made an early decision to play to their strengths by composing separately, then bringing their pieces together for blending and collaboration.

Their first release, My Heart Awakened in a Dream, was added to Spotify’s “Stress Buster” playlist and quickly gained over 18k streams within the first few weeks. Their second release continues the haunting music meant for the time between dawn and dusk. “Chasing the Starry One” was recorded on a Steinway grand piano in a virtual reverb room. Each wall of the room is filled with speakers and microphones that analyze the sound made by the piano and projects back a certain room sound. The room’s reverb could be set from small practice space to giant cathedral. This track was recorded in the cathedral setting. “Round to Morning” has an equally unique sound as it combines a wurlitzer electric piano with a felt layered real piano. The result is a warm and eerie sound. Producer Vian Izak added warped reverb tails to the recording to further emphasize the other worldliness of the composition.

“When Soft you held aloft a Light” is sure to grab the attention of any instrumental or production enthusiast as it showcases a unique and signature sound. The EP is set to come out on December 15 2017 and is the final release of this year for the duo.

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Photography by Fraser Stewart

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